Pet-friendly Retirement in Cape Town – bring your pet along!

Pet-friendly retirement villages are here!

You wouldn’t relocate without your child, why should you leave your pet behind?

Faircape Life prides itself on providing luxury homes to retirees; homes and facilities that are designed to meet your every need. And when we say every need, we mean it. This is why each of our 6 retirement villages, found in prime locations across the Western Cape, are pet-friendly.

Faircape’s Pet-Friendly Retirement Lifestyle Estates:

woman walking dogs on the pet-friendly retirement estate
Dog walks in the beautiful communal gardens at Cle Du Cap

What our Residents have to say:

A short interview with Riks McDonald, a resident of Bridgewater Manor confirms this – Life would just not be the same without our pets.

Did you have pets in your home as a child?
I had 2 dogs, a Fox Terrier and Border Collie. As the only girl amongst my brothers, my dogs were my haven. They never teased me, never judged me, and would never tell my secrets to my brothers.

Why do you think it’s so important to grow up with a pet in the home?
It teaches responsibilities that will stay with you forever. Teaches empathy and the ability to care for others.

Do you have pets now?
Yes, Flo McDonald is our Maltese poodle. She is our 8-year-old child and she gets spoiled rotten.

What are the advantages of having your dog join your retirement home?
Health reasons; mental, physical, and emotional. She calms me which means my blood pressure doesn’t climb. My husband has dementia and Flo provides him with a lifeline. Together we take her for walks, exercise is good. When either of us is sad or upset, she senses this and gives us extra love. She is a companion to both of us.

Dog and owner at pet-friendly retirement estate
Riks and Flow McDonald – Happy residents at Bridgewater Manor

Pets at our on-site Healthcare facilities? Why not.

Faircape’s Healthcare facilities are home to their very own Resident dogs and cats, who provide unbounded love and friendship to residents and visitors alike.

Cat greeting visitors and guests
Flower, a resident cat at Tokai Estate Healthcare has become known for greeting all who enter – what a beautiful welcome!

Our final thoughts on pet-friendly retirement

Study after study has shown that pets provide a sense of purpose, they improve overall mental and physical health, and simply make life so much better.

Don’t let the thought of leaving your pet delay the transition to your retirement home.

Faircape Life is here for you, every step of the way.

Cat enjoying the garden at pet-friendly retirement estate
What dreams are made of. Enjoying the garden at his home in Tokai Estate
Happy dog
Nothing beats these eyes – pure love.


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