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Ownership Model

Life Rights schemes are utilised by Faircape Life. With a Life Rights scheme, the holder has the right to occupy a specific property for the remainder of their life.

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On top of there being no transfer duty or VAT payable on Life Right units, holders also bypass legal fees and are promised fixed levies. Included in this
promise is the assurance of no special levies for the remainder of their lives.
The Retired Persons Act provides a number of prerequisites for the benefit and protection of the Life Right holder, including levy transparency, restrictions of alienation and restrictions on the developer in respect of receipt of consideration.
Residents enjoy similar privileges to that of Sectional Title owners, however, the developer remains the sole owner of each unit and therefore carries the responsibility of external maintenance as well as the upkeep of the Village and its facilities. This relationship ensures that all facilities are kept to the highest standard.
There is no need to register with the Deeds Office each time the Life Right transfers from one holder to another. Provided the unit is not in need of refurbishment, this allows for the new
Life Right owner to take occupation in as little as a few days. Say goodbye to the complicated paperwork and/or lengthy delays often experienced with Sectional Title transfers.

Village Life

Award Winning Retirement Villages

Faircape Life offers a total lifestyle experience for the discerning life-rights holder. A strong sense of community and companionship is at the heart of all that we do but we cater to every aspect of refined living.

Every village has a wealth of features for you to enjoy including:

On-site Healthcare Services

Faircape Health is a leading private healthcare provider in the Western Cape with over 300 beds, offering on-site Healthcare Centres at all six Faircape Life retirement villages.

For patients who are no longer able to manage independently, we are an experienced and long standing group of care providers.

Our extensively trained staff and comprehensive activity programmes enable the provision of frail, dementia and palliative care to patients in a safe and secure environment.


The Faircape Story​

The Faircape Group was established more than 30 years ago as a leading property developer in the Western Cape.

Faircape Life’s 6 villages, all found in prime locations across the Western Cape, are designed to meet your every need.

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