Preparing your marriage for retirement

Take proactive steps to prepare your marriage for retirement

Instead of using logic, more often than not, human nature guides our decisions about matters that could affect the status quo. Relationships and retirement are no exception – you need to prepare your marriage for retirement.

Think about the current electricity crisis South Africans are facing. Copious amounts of load-shedding is wreaking havoc on the economy and your pockets. An interim solution for the end-user is to get solar and go off the grid. But with proper planning, we would not be in dire straits. Don’t let your relationship reach this point. Take proactive steps to prepare.  

We’ve compiled a list of 5 helpful tips to prepare your relationship for its latest adventure; your retirement.

Senior couple in love having lunch - spending time together is key to preparing your marriage for retirement
Enjoy getting to know your partner again

Helpful tips for a successful union in retirement

Quality Time

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is time. For many, spending time with your partner is a way of expressing their love language; it is also the foundation of connection. This does not change as you prepare your relationship for your retirement years.

As we progress through life, our days are spent passing each other by, catching up at the end of the day as an obligation instead of out of interest. After years spent with the same partner, building a life, career, children, and family, the prospect of spending time with your significant other alone, is something to look forward to.

Adapting to a new normal

Entering retirement means that, for both you and your partner, a “new normal” will develop. If, like in many ‘traditional’ relationships, there was a clear division of roles and responsibilities, figuring out what would work best in retirement can potentially cause some frustration. This is a new period of transition for the relationship, much like in the dating period, take the time to figure out a routine that works best for the relationship. Your partner may find that they enjoy cooking or cleaning and may want to take a more active role in these areas; be patient and let the new normal development be organic.

New communication

If you and your partner have retired together, and are home full-time during retirement, one of the biggest adjustments will be communication. How you communicate with each other will become more important and this may mean establishing new boundaries in your relationship. Studies have shown that couples in retirement together often feel like they are getting to know their partner all over again. 

Many of us are sensitive to the way in which we communicate with our partner, feeling frustrated if we feel we are not being heard or considered, like adapting to a new normal in routine, take the time to explain to your partner how you would like to be communicated to and ask them what would work best for them. It is important to remember that although retirement is meant to be a relaxing time after a life of hard work, it can also be emotionally overwhelming.  


Another one of the important parts of retirement is finances. The big bad wolf of life planning, it is best to face it head on. Now that the responsibilities are fewer and there is more time for relationship and connection, there might be more time to use your finances for the big trip you have always wanted or to make the large purchase you have been dreaming about. However you and your partner decide to allocate your finances in retirement, make sure that you are both aligned.

Keep your connection

Like many of our relationships in life, having a connection that is true and genuine is a rarity. When we find this in a partner, it is even more of an experience. Reconnecting with your partner in retirement is a joy many couples look forward to. Take time together to connect through shared experiences, no matter how small. You may even find a new experience to share that you both enjoy.

Though new routines, changes in schedules and lifestyle, and finances may dominate the early retirement years, it is important to stay connected with your partner; they are your partner after all.

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Retirement represents our final years of life, a time to reclaim some of the liberties of youth, if our health and resources allow. This type of freedom is a wonderful gift that couples can enhance with good communication and understanding. Let Faircape be part of your retirement journey.

At Faircape Life, a strong sense of community and companionship is at the heart of all that we do. We encourage social activities with scheduled excursions to wine farms, premier restaurants, and social clubs. Our villages are the perfect place to launch new adventures with your loved one. Our wide array of social groups, including a craft club, hiking group, and scrabble, bingo, and bridge nights, provides the opportunity for a Faircape Life experience filled with endless opportunities for laughter and connection.

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