Maintaining a healthy living: New year, new you

Good habits for staying healthy

For many of us, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is once again at the top of the list of new year’s resolutions. Newsfeeds and conversations have been dominated by ‘How to stay healthy’ and ‘Top tips to stay in shape’. Even if maintaining our health is a top priority for this year, the information overload can be overwhelming. Changing habits and adopting new ones does not come easy for many of us. However, if we allow space for flexibility within our resolutions, we may find it easier to achieve our goals. Setting a new year’s resolution for your health and sticking to it can be challenging and requires determination, discipline, and a goal to work toward. At Faircape Life, we encourage healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. Helping you work toward the goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle this year is one of our New Year’s resolutions.

Start Small

Begin with something small. Changing or adopting a habit that is practical and fits into your current routine can have a significant impact on your health. Small health improvements, like one less teaspoon of sugar in your tea or coffee, 20 minutes spent outside, drinking a glass of water when you wake up, or spending less time on your devices, will improve your overall health. Small changes will have positive long-term effects. 

Keep it simple

Small changes start by keeping it simple. Often, the simplest changes are the easiest to add to a routine. One of the areas where a small change can make a big difference is diet. A word many of us greatly dislike, “diet” simply means “the kinds of foods a person or community habitually consumes.” By this definition, many of us have an unhealthy diet. This is not to say we eat takeout regularly, or that our diets are completely made up of junk food like sweets, chocolates, and potato chips. However, it does mean that we do not have a healthy eating pattern. Including more fruits and vegetables on our plates, as well as a serving of whole grain foods, can help us live healthier lives. Maintaining a diet of simple healthy foods, that we like and enjoy will make the change feel less like a task or something to tick off of our list of resolutions and feel more like a healthy step toward ensuring our body is well looked after.

Vegetables and protein
Healthy food is a major component of healthy living

A healthy detox

The foods we consume keep us in good health, mentally and physically. Even though we may follow a healthy diet, our bodies still need cleansing. Detoxing our bodies sounds like a difficult task and also sounds like eating and drinking lots of green fruits and vegetables which can be unpleasant. Feeling sluggish, tired, and experiencing gut discomfort are all signs that your body may need a detox. Healthy regular detoxing can be as simple as an increase in the amount of water we drink, how often we move our bodies and how much time we give ourselves to relax. Making sure we help our bodies when it is struggling will help maintain our overall health and ensure we are reaching our goals of living a sustainable, healthy, lifestyle.

Staying healthy as we age

A lot of emphasis has been placed on staying healthy as we age. Healthy living consists of several factors: diet, exercise, sleep, and mental health. As we age, our bodies need more help to stay healthy and in shape. The longevity of our quality of life is something we all wish to achieve. By adopting healthy habits as we age, we are able to ‘trick’ our bodies into remaining young and youthful. Mentally, the lifestyle choices we make will make us feel better about ourselves. The mental aspect of changing to a healthy lifestyle makes up half the battle; being flexible and disciplined will help with this as we age.  

Women doing yoga

At Faircape Life Villages, we encourage positive lifestyle choices and changes. Our Group Dietician and Group Executive Chef take great care in planning and preparing nutritious and well balanced meals for all of our village residents. Our picturesque surroundings and on-site amenities are designed to support a laid-back lifestyle and give our residents everything they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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