Village Lifestyle: The Faircape Life Guide

Faircape Life Village Lifestyle

Our 6 prime locations place residents in the perfect position to experience the best village lifestyle! But which Faircape Life village is the best for your dream retirement? Each is nearby to a range (golf pun intended) of outdoor activities, exciting restaurants, wine estates, and shopping. Let’s take a deep dive and explore a curated selection of some of our favourite local attractions.

Bridgewater Manor Village Lifestyle

Bridgewater Manor Village Lifestyle

Shopping: A short 10 minute drive (4.3 km) down the N2 is Somerset Mall. It has bank branches, home decor shops, movie theatres and so much more. 

Wine Estate: 10 minutes up the road (4.7 km away) along Gordon Road lies Vergelegen Wine Estate. Enjoy a glass or two of wine, meander the 18 gardens, and soak up 320 years of history.

Beach: A 15 minute spin down Main Road (5.7 km) will take you to Strand Beach. With glorious views of False Bay you can soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh air.

Golf: Just 5 minutes (2.1 km) down Andries Pretorius Street is the exceptional 18 hole Somerset West Golf Club. PGA Pros are resident and can be booked to help you refine your swing to a tee. 

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Clé du Cap Lifestyle

Cle du Cap Village Lifestyle

Shopping: 5 minutes away (1.2 km) through quiet Kirstenhof is Blue Route Mall. It has everything you’d expect from a large shopping centre with cinema, clothing emporiums, and some lovely book stores too. 

Wine Estate: 10 mins away along Steenburg Road (5.1 km) is Steenberg Farm. Restaurants and wine tasting await! 

Beach: 15 minutes (6.3 km) away along Main Road is St James Beach. Enjoy family fun in the sun and be sure to take a picture of the colourful bathing boxes!

Golf: A quick 5 minute swing down Steenburg Road (2.5 km) and you’ll arrive at Westlake Golf Course. Fore! 

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Heritage Manor Village Lifestyle

Heritage Manor Village Lifestyle

Shopping: A leisurely 5 minutes (2.5 km) down Reunion Drive will find you at Vergelegen Plein. This understated gem has everything you need and it’s just so conveniently located.

Wine Estate: 13 minutes (7.7 km) away on Gordon Road, right next door to Vergelegen is Lourensford Wine Estate. It’s the home to premium wine experiences from tastes to pairings.

Beach: 15 minutes (11.1 km) via Sir Lowy’s Pass Road is Gordon’s Bay Main Beach. The pristine waters can refresh even the most weary spirits.

Golf: 10 minutes (5.5 km) along the N2 and Victoria Street will get you a hole-in-one at Strand Golf Club. It’s 18 holes of green, pristine bliss.

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Noordhoek Manor Village Lifestyle

Noordhoek Manor Village Lifestyle

Shopping: Wind your way down Ou Kaapse Weg – trust us, it never gets old – and you’ll reach Longbeach Mall. 7 minutes (3.9 km) away and everything you need is at your disposal! 

Wine Estate: 4 minutes (2 km) down Silvermine Road, or more responsibly if you’re tippling: a R50 Uber ride, is Cape Point Vineyards. The wine? Divine. The food? So good. 

Beach: A gentle meandre down Ou Kaapse Weg and Kommetjie Road is Kommetjie Beach. The sunsets here have to be seen to be believed. 

Golf: An 11 minute (3.2 km) escapade down the scenic Silvermine Road and you’ll be teeing off at the lovely Clovelly Golf Course. The views are simply incredible. 

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Onrus Manor Village Lifestyle

Onrus Manor Village Lifestyle

Shopping: A quick 5 minute (2.7 km) joy ride on the R43 will take you to the Whale Coast Mall in Hermanus. It’s full of food, fashion and fun (plus everything else you could need like bank branches).

Wine Estate: 5 minutes away (2.3 km) heading towards Hermanus is the Whalehaven Winery. The wine and chocolate pairing is something to remember.

Beach: 15 minutes (8.6 km) down the R43 is Sievers Point. While not really a beach, it is world renowned for whale watching and is a definite must-see.

Golf: 12 minutes away (7.8 km) is the Hermanus Golf Club. With its 27 holes, ocean views and immaculately kept grounds, you’re bound to have a ball.

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Tokai Estate Lifestyle

Tokai Estate Village Lifestyle

Shopping: Whilst Blue Route Mall is just across the street, the Constantia Emporium is also just a 7 minute (5.5 km) ride up the M3. This flagship venue offers a true 5-star shopping experience.

Wine Estate: 11 minutes away (7.6 km) is Groot Constantia Wine Farm. It’s South Africa’s oldest winery est 1685 and for good reason. Go for a tasting to know why.

Beach: Take a 10 minute (6.1 km) drive down Main Road and you’ll find Muizenberg Beach. Enjoy sun, fun, and food at the nearby restaurants. 

Golf: Drive your way 5 minutes (3.7 km) down range to Steenberg Golf Club. The 18 hole course is some of the best golf you’ll ever play, par none. 

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Remember, our list is by no means exhaustive but it highlights some of our local favourites! Each village has its own unique flavour and there’s so much more life just waiting to be discovered all around. Leave a comment below to help readers find the most amazing destinations near the Faircape Life villages.

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