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“ You can’t change a dog’s past but you could rewrite his future” – Dylan Thomas, Welsh Poet

The Magnificent 5 and Champ

A must-read from the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa

We have to celebrate a life-affirming event involving five young boys from Sweet Home Farm informal settlement. Dubbed ‘The Magnificent 5’, the boys rescued an abandoned Labrador found lying in the bushes in Philippi East. We first noticed the little group determinedly marching down our long driveway with a timid Labrador in tow. In between hurried breaths, they excitedly took turns to proudly explain that they had found the dog lying in the bushes and went into great detail about the ingenious plan they hatched to help him.

So whilst two stood guard over their treasured find, the other three went in search of something that would work as a make-shift collar and lead. These determined little heroes were on a mission – to save their new best friend’s life. The heroic lengths that this tight-knit little group of friends went to was quite extraordinary.

An amazing story like this just had to be shared with the world and the global outpouring of love and generosity was phenomenal.

Thanks to this terrific response we got to fulfil all of our promises. We promised that we would reward the boys for their heroic deed and we did so in style. At the Award Ceremony 7-year-old Zubenathi the youngest of the group was asked why they decided to stop and help Champ and his response, like most children, was utterly honest. He said:
“Dogs love us. They are our friends. They protect us. So we must love and protect them. That’s why we helped Champ”.

There were quite a few people present at the event but Champ immediately recognised Zubenathi and ran over to him. Zubenathi gently clasped his tiny hands around Champs head bent down and kissed him twice squarely on the nose.

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