Podcasts: The new way to listen to your favourite radio show

Remember when the radio was filled with interesting talks and entertaining shows and stories? That’s where the world of podcasts is now.

When you could listen to a great radio show while you had your hands busy with something else? It made everyday chores and tasks that much more entertaining and so much enjoyable to be able to listen to something good while you’re busy.

Sometimes we even used to sit around the radio and just enjoy the show.

Well, the good news is that there is a whole world of audio-entertainment out there, and it’s available online.

All you need to do is find a podcast and tune in – anytime, anywhere.

What is a podcast?

The podcast is the modern version of a radio show. Some of them are talks, and some are stories. There are podcasts on just about every topic you can think of.  

A podcast is a pre-recorded audio or “radio” broadcast which has been uploaded to the internet and is available to you at any time you like. 

How can you listen to Podcasts?

The most efficient thing to do is download a podcast app onto your Smartphone. There are many to choose from. We like Audible, Podcast app and Podcast Player, but there are many more to choose from.

If you have a regular Smart Phone (Android) simply open your Google Play app, search “podcast app” and choose whichever suits you.

If you have an Apple phone, you can visit the Apple App Store and search for “Podcasts” – the Apple podcast app will pop up. 

Remember – if you don’t like the app you choose, you can always delete it and start again. 

Why listen to Podcasts?

They’re a superb means of staying abreast of what’s happening in the world. From news to your favorite topics, stories, and interest groups, there is a podcast to entertain every taste. 

Our Favourite Podcasts

If you need some help getting started, why not try out some of our favorite podcasts? See our “must try” list below: 


This podcast is the perfect starting point for those who are new to podcasts. Lux Radio Theatre was once a radio, which ran from 1934 – 1955 and featured a vast array of adapted Broadway plays. Voiced by iconic stars like Judy Garland and John Wayne, Lux Radio Theatre will be a throwback to a simpler time.


Freakonomics Radio is the top-rated podcast among retired people or those from the Baby-boomer era. This podcast is based on the book “Freakonomics”  and aims to help anyone understand basic economic principles and how they fit into nearly every aspect of our lives – from pop culture to retirement.


“Ideas worth sharing” Ted Talks puts their latest talks up as podcasts – with new talks being added every day.  Ted Talks brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to create an inspiring space in podcasts.


If you have a love for trivia then this one is for you! It’s an interactive quiz show.  Good Job, Brain showcases random and strange trivia facts on a wide range of topics.


If it’s world news you’re after, The Daily is the podcast for you. Produced by The New York Times, The Daily brings you interviews with journalists and a daily recap of current world news.


Enjoy your listening!

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