The Faircape Food Experience

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.“ – James Beard


We agree with Guy Fieri: Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience. There is something special about setting aside time in your day to enjoy good food, whether alone or with loved ones. That’s why our Catering Team takes their job very seriously. Keep reading to find out how a good food experience is at the heart of everything we do…  




Our food journey


Our Catering Team has made a huge effort in improving the quality of our dishes. We’re proud of what they’ve achieved: from outsourcing caterers to bringing the entire catering operation in-house – and in under two years! We now employ over 100 catering staff, from chefs down to waitrons. We keep things in check by giving residents the opportunity to comment, whether positively or negatively, about their food experience. It’s thanks to this feedback that we are forever learning, changing and improving. 




How we ensure every recipe meets the Faircape standard:


  • The Group Head Chef, along with two qualified Faircape chefs per village, share ideas and create menus according to resident feedback, trends and what’s in season 
  • We use only the freshest ingredients, so our menus change seasonally
  • Our chefs develop and test every recipe
  • The Kitchen Administration Manager negotiates and liaises with suppliers to ensure we get the best products for the best prices



Clubhouse food experience


At the heart of each of our retirement villages is a clubhouse – a hive of activity and social interaction. Here, residents can enjoy delicious and nutritious three-course meals. 


Click here to get a taste of what residents and guests can expect to enjoy daily. Please note, because we use only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients, the menu is subject to change without notice. 

View our sample menu




Cafe food experience


In addition to the clubhouse, each of our villages has their own intimate, homestyle cafe. Here, residents are encouraged to meet family and friends for a home-baked scone, light meal or hot drink. 




Let there be wine!


We now boast a dedicated bar service in four out of our six villages, with Clé du Cap being the latest convert. Run by our Catering Team, drinks and snacks are now available all day to residents. Our number one goal with this service is to continue to provide great wines at affordable prices. 





We create custom menus for private parties, as well as for our famous themed lunches (5-6 a year). Our annual Mother’s Day Lunch and Christmas celebration are always magical occasions. 




Meet the Team

Group Catering Manager

Titia Meiring

Group Dietitian

Toni Smyth

Group Head Chef

Tharwa Koff

Kitchen Administration Manager

De Wet Wilsch

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