Benefits of the internet for seniors

Four out of our six Retirement Villages are fibre-friendly. With plans to roll out to the other two, we did our research on the benefits of the internet for seniors – so you don’t have to!


Benefits of the internet for seniors



Mental stimulation


Difficulty remembering is a natural part of aging. Research suggests that regular mental stimulation can help to combat memory loss as well as other mental functioning problems. The good news is, when it comes to stimulating opportunities for seniors, the internet is a veritable treasure chest!


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With thousands to choose from, you can take your pick of fun and free online games. Here’s a list we found helpful: Fun (and Free!) Senior Online Games




Social engagement


It’s not uncommon for life to move at a slower pace as you enter retirement age. As opportunities for connecting with friends, colleagues and family members become less and less, more and more seniors find themselves turning to the internet. Today, endless opportunities exist for seniors to take part in online communities and join social networks.



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The SENIORSonly CLUB (Seniors Only Club) is an online discussion forum for people fifty years old and up. Run by seniors for seniors. Registration is free and discussion topics range from “Should Humans Protect Natural Wonders” to “My Interesting Neighbors In Assisted Living”. 


Skype, VoIP and Social Media, i.e. Facebook are wonderful ways for seniors to stay in touch with their friends and family members. 




Health promotion


It’s now possible to make appointments online and even renew prescriptions without having to visit a doctor’s office. The internet is also a wealth of knowledge on health topics, including dietary guidelines, medical advice and physical exercise.



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Maintaining flexibility as you age is essential. There are plenty of free yoga and pilates apps and streaming websites. These resources have workouts for all levels. We recommend checking out and filtering by Yoga for Seniors.




Online education


Never stop learning with the world’s best online courses! From Dinosaur Paleobiology to The Science of the Solar System, you really can learn anything. Plus, sink your teeth into award-winning audiobooks, documentaries and podcasts and learn to speak a new language or become a master in the kitchen. The educational resources on the internet are endless. 



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Here’s a list of free online courses we found really helpful: 25 Killer Sites For Free Online Education




How to make Internet access easier for seniors


With an uncapped fibre connection, seniors will never again have to worry about how much data they’re using. Fibre is fast, reliable and uninterrupted. Make it easy for them to connect by setting up their router and devices for them. Alternatively, contact Faircom Support to book your one-on-one training session with a Faircom representative. 






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