The right retirement ownership model for you: Life Rights or Sectional Title

Everyone’s path to retirement is different, depending on your family and financial circumstances. If you choose to go the route of a retirement village, the next choice is between ownership models, particularly Life Rights and Sectional Title.




Ownership models: How is a Life Right different from a Sectional Title?


With a Life Rights scheme, the holder purchases the right to occupy a specific property for the remainder of their life. The developer retains ownership of the property (along with the maintenance, management and resale of it) and upon termination of the Life Right, a percentage of the holder’s estate is refunded. While the objective of a Sectional Title is financial growth, a Life Right is able to offer retirees something worth more than money: stress-free living.  











Advantages of a Life Right


  • Cost-effective

The Life Rights model remains the most affordable way for retirees to buy into the lifestyle of their dreams. On top of there being no up-front costs, i.e. transfer duty or VAT payable on Life Right units, holders also bypass legal fees and are promised fixed levies. Included in this promise is the assurance of no special levies for the remainder of their lives.


  • Enjoy the privileges of ownership without the stress

Residents enjoy similar privileges to that of Sectional Title owners, however, the developer remains the sole owner of each unit and therefore carries the responsibility of external maintenance as well as the upkeep of the village and its facilities. This relationship ensures that all facilities are kept to the highest standard.


  • The rights of all Life Right holders are protected

It’s essential for retirees to be able to plan ahead and budget. The Retired Persons Act provides a number of prerequisites for the benefit and protection of the Life Right holder, including levy transparency.


  • Quick registration

Say goodbye to the complicated paperwork and/or lengthy delays often experienced with Sectional Title transfers. There is no need to register with the Deeds Office each time the Life Right transfers from one holder to another. Provided the unit is not in need of refurbishment, this allows for the new Life Right owner to take occupation in as little as a few days.


Faircape Retirement Holdings

All our luxury lifestyle villages offer units sold on a Life Right basis. For more information, please contact our Sales Manager, Candice Vietri at




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