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World-Class On-site Healthcare Facilities

Our on-site healthcare centre, Faircape Health, is a leading private healthcare provider in the Western Cape. Our healthcare centres are located at all six of our Faircape Life retirement villages, with a total of 300 beds throughout.

Our healthcare centres encompass world-class facilities and comprehensive activity programmes our professionally trained staff lead. Our on-site multidisciplinary support team includes:

Village Coordinator

Our village coordinators work alongside the multidisciplinary team in order to promote our village residents' health, safety and emotional well-being.


Our doctors are committed to spending quality time with patients as a core part of their practice and leading the activities, treatment plans and clinical outcomes.

Social Workers

Our social workers provide support during times of change in living environment, physical condition, or financial circumstances.

Occupational Therapists

Our occupational therapists adapt our resident’s environment or teach methods of using assistive devices to promote participation in everyday occupations.


Our physiotherapists aim to treat injuries and conditions which have negative consequences on movement, balance, coordination, and respiration.


The nursing team has a wide range of experience, training and knowledge on all aspects of medical, surgical and respite care.

Home-based Care

Our home-based care services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual resident.


Our pharmacy team is dedicated to the care of our patients that goes beyond prescriptions.

Types of care

 we offer at our retirement villages:

Long Term Care

Our dementia, Alzheimer’s & frail care services provide long term care and support to those in an assisted living environment.
Leg Rehabilitation Close Up

Short Term Care

Short term care includes sub-acute care and facilitates the transition and preparation of patients to reintegrate back into their home environments. This is usually needed for residents who underwent a hip replacement, knee surgery, and more.

The importance of having on-site Frailcare at retirement villages:

World-class facilities on your doorstep

We streamline the process of moving from home into a frail care facility, starting with care in their home. Residents can access Healthcare without leaving the estate.


Throughout our residents' stay in their village homes, they form relationships with our healthcare staff. Therefore, although moving into an elderly care facility can be scary, our residents have become familiar with the environment and therefore our facilities feel like a home away from home.


Often times it is necessary for one partner to move into an elderly care facility while the other is still able to take care of themselves. Faircape Health and Life offer the best of both worlds. With on-site healthcare facilities, our residents can still be in walking distance of their partners.

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